Pattern Hack

How To Self Draft A Linen Pinafore Wrap Dress

When I set out to start sewing my own clothes, I had no intention of making myself frilly dresses… but here we are. I actually had every intention of quilting when I first started sewing more than just simple alterations on ready-to-wear shirts, but then I fell HARD when I found the lovely garment sewing community on Instagram.

August 28, 2022
February 2, 2024

Sagebrush Top Hack with Cropped Tie Up Waist & Cuffed Sleeves

I absolutely love the name “Sagebrush” because it brings me back to living in southern Utah last year. On cool mornings, before the sun rose and brought the temperature to well over 100F, you could smell sagebrush all around the red dusty landscape and it was such a peaceful and magical moment; that memory will stay with me for a long time. Now after making this top, it will also serve as a reminder of my time in the high desert, surrounded by lovely plants and surroundings.

August 4, 2022
December 18, 2023

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