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Friday Style Diaries with Leila Makes

In this post we are starting our new feature; the Friday Style Diaries, where we take a deeper look at the me made wardrobe and styling of someone in the sewing community. We are starting this series with the wonderful Leila, from @leila.makes on Instagram. We have set Leila the challenge of sewing up a Friday Pattern, and styling it in a few ways to show how versatile the piece is & how it fits into an already existing wardrobe of beautiful garments!

December 12, 2023
December 21, 2023

Pablo Wrap Overall Review

The Pablo overalls are a beautiful blend of functional workwear and classic minimalist style. I’m a sucker for wrap pants, so seeing a pattern that incorporates wrap pants and includes a bib to make it into a whole fit - I fell in love.

June 16, 2023
December 16, 2023

FS Amalfi Robe in Midweight Linen

There’s something really lovely about working with scraps, especially when they’re soft linen scraps. I love improv-sewing shapes together and whenever I do these kinds of projects, I tell myself to keep going and make more (curtains, pillowcases, shirts, dresses, skirts), but then I clean up my giant mess of thread and fabric pieces and I’m suddenly no longer ready to tackle another improv piecing project for a few months at least. WOOPS!

April 6, 2023
December 16, 2023

Zina Shirt in Midweight Linen

When I was in veterinary school, we had a practical skills lab where we had to put on our ~white coats~ and “play doctor” on very sweet volunteer pets. At the time, I remember feeling so giddy to put that coat on. On the one hand, it felt surreal and exciting and on the other hand, I could feel the weight, emotionally, of what it meant; that people would be trusting me with their pet’s care and to be honest, it was a little scary (as it should be).

August 18, 2022
December 16, 2023

FS Capucine Bathrobe in Jacquard Linen

I have been sewing garments (consistently) for about two years now, and I am still in awe of the wide range of fabrics available to sew. I chose a jacquard linen because: 1) I love the name and 2) I have little-no experience working with this fabric type. I have also always wanted to add more loungewear to my wardrobe as I find myself sitting at my computer more and more for schoolwork and with the pandemic still ongoing, I stay home more often than not.

May 12, 2022
December 16, 2023

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